Mathias Rohr


Institut Dr Schrader Hautphysiologie


Dr Mathias Rohr gained a Physics degree from the University of Göttingen in 1988, and followed this in 1991 with a PhD in Physics / Biophysics at Max Planck Institute (MPI) für Strahlenchemie/Mülheim-Ruhr Germany (Scholarship of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation).

In 1991-1992 he completed a Post doctorate at the MPI für Strahlenchemie, Department for Biophysics.
Since 1992 he is an employee at Institut Dr. Schrader Hautphysiologie / Holzminden Germany.
He is responsible in particular for SPF-Testing and Research in the field of Biophysical Methods in Skin-Science, routine Skin Surface Analysis and all skin physiological testing.

He is a member of ISO/TC 217/WG 7 (SPF), of DGK (Working Group Sunscreens) and ISBS. He has authored various publications in the fields of skin physiology and biophysics:

  • HDRS, SPF, SPF-quality, influence of physical side parameters on the in vivo SPF;
  • ICL-S (Induced CemiLuminescence of Human Skin); Oxidative Protection measured in vivo
  • Skin surface analysis by FOITS (Fast Optical In vivo Topometry of Human Skin);
  • Climatic influence on cosmetic skin parameters;
  • LIOAS (Laser Induced Opto-Acoustic Spectroscopy) / Photoacoustic Spectroscopy;
  • NIR-RS (Near InfraRed Remission Spectroscopy) (IFSCC Applied Research Award 2004).