Sébastien Miksa

General Manager



Mr. Sébastien MIKSA is currently the General Manager of HelioScreen, a company dedicated to sunscreen testing. 
He started his career at L'Oréal in the services of R&I Lipsticks, R&I Foundation, R&I Photo-protection and Science of Complex Environments including an experience at the CNRS in the Department of Polymer Chemistry. At the same time, he obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering from ESCOM (France) and a Master Degree in Formulated Products from UTC (France). 
Involved in sun protection evaluation tests for several years (SPF, UVAPF, Photostability, Water Resistance, etc.), he acquired a large knowledge in this field and published numerous scientific articles including innovations such as robotic spreading, Blue Light and Infrared in vitro methods, multi-substrate approach for in vitro SPF assessment. 
In addition, he is a member of different committees linked to sun protection AFNOR/S91K/GT07, CEN/TC392/WG004, ISO/TC217/WG7, and BIPEA/Technical Group – Sun protection products.